Knocking Down the Fort

The Heart is the most resilient of all things on earth.  It can be broken a million times over and repair itself a million times over, because it houses the most powerful energy in all the world – love.

When hurt and wounded, the owner of the heart ultimately has only one choice, but may take many lifetimes to surrender to that fact.  More often than not, when wounded the owner of the heart seals off the broken piece and allows the wound to fester and infect the whole being.

This, in turn, switches the chief operating force of love off and switches on the operating force of fear, and there lies the birthplace of the many afflictions of the world – hate, anger, jealousy, and the most callous enemy of all, indifference.

The carrier of such a heart then repeats the same experiences that caused the switch to flip in the first place, seeking to set itself right. It, the heart, will endure all that is necessary to change this and reestablish love as its director.

Pain is a hard thing to sit with, and pain of the heart, the most brutal. We humans will do just about anything to avoid the afflictions, and run hard to outpace the pain.

crumbling stone wall

We work hard building a fortress to protect the heart from what initially gave the first hit, thereby placing in motion the energy field that will continue to bring about experiences that will try and knock the fort down and allow the wound to heal.

For many of us, we are unaware that we have done all this construction, as the very humanness of us causes us to do so.

We build the fort and are on the lookout for any incoming attempt for such a pain to dare come again, never realizing the very act of erecting such a thing literally invites similar experiences back, and hoping that this time, the human will choose differently and allow the heart to remain open to the pain so that it can heal.

To stay open to pain requires a mighty warrior, one who will allow love to stay in place and not close off any pieces in order to protect the heart.

Now that I have come through over a half a century of living, I understand more fully what it means to live with your Heart Wide Open.  I am far from being fully there, but I can at least appreciate and be grateful for the awareness to try and do so.

Copyright 2017 Melody White. All Rights Reserved.

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