Surrendering to a Higher Power

One of the greatest things I have had to learn to not only survive the difficult parts of life, but to thrive in life and move through and forward, is to surrender the things beyond my control to a Higher Power. Not only is it so freeing, but it has become essential for me to really live with my heart wide open.

We only have control of two things in life, and that is our own actions and thoughts and how we respond to someone else’s actions and thoughts.  Once we have done everything in our power to do and be, we must relinquish control, and believe that the universe and the powers that be will handle it from here.  This is a very simple concept, but it is not an easy one as long as we are ruled by the nature of our ego and not the love in our hearts.

We have a perception of how we want life to go, and it is sometimes difficult to let go of the reins and believe that what is meant to happen and meant to be, will happen and will be. And because of this, we try very hard to control the things around us in order to have the outcome we want.  The problem here is that our view of things is limited to what we know, what we understand, and is often very clouded by what we want and desire.

I have personally experienced not letting go of the reins and watched life hand me what it could, based upon my continual input and struggle with what I saw as the right thing. I limited myself in many ways from allowing God, or the powers that be, to give me what would really be best for me.

When we try to control everything, we negate the many great and wonderful options that could be. Limited by our mind, our beliefs, and what we as humans can see and understand, our options are made narrow, and we circumvent the many options that could be.

We know what we know.  Whereas God, the universe and all the powers that be, know all truths, have all understandings, and given the chance they will pour upon us all things best for us if we can step out of the way.

I watched an old HGTV show one time, where a woman had a very large basement and she was given the opportunity to have someone come and create a space in her basement for the things she said she wanted, a great living space for family and friends, a nice workout area, and a nice extra bedroom for guests.  Her basement was full of all kind of things she had not been able to part with but hadn’t used in a long time.  As the design and construction team came to give her what she wanted, she was unable to part with what she had, and in the end what she got was a ton of shelving for things she didn’t use anymore and a tiny space with a sofa, coffee table, and a small workout machine in it.  She limited herself and all the things she could have gotten by her inability to let go of the things she thought she had to keep.

Now I know this was a show literally about material things, but it made me wonder how many times in my life I had limited myself by what I could have had because I had to hold onto to what I knew and what I thought I had to have or wanted. Life is meant to be enjoyed, and most of our struggles come from our inability to accept what is and step out of the way of what could be.

I remember the first time I was dragged to my knees by life and how I fought with it to give me what I wanted, what I thought should be based on what I knew and understood.  It was a long and brutal battle that took many many years to give up.  When I finally gave it up and accepted what was, life came in and gave me something entirely different than I had been wanting and it was so good that I cried many times, not because I had it, but because I hadn’t gotten it sooner so I could have lived with it longer.  My holding on to what I understood, to what I thought I wanted, prevented what could have been from coming a lot sooner.

I know some people who are masters at letting go and accepting what is.  They move through life with ease as they place no restrictions and no resistance to what is trying to come next.  These people are not people with easy lives free of difficulties and pain.  They are people who do not push against the flow of life.  Change is our one constant.  It is going to happen. Our ability to adapt to, accept, do what we can and allow a Higher Power to handle the big picture allows our lives to be richer, fuller, and free of a lot of pain. We can gain a lot more enjoyment out of our lives if we can believe and allow the powers that be to support us, comfort us and provide us with options beyond our limited sight.

Copyright 2017 Melody White. All Rights Reserved.





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