Align with the Divine and Lay Down Your Piece of the Puzzle

After more than a half century of living, I have come to understand more the purpose of things, including my own.  I know that I contain, like everyone else, a piece of the great puzzle that makes up this world.  My piece is of great worth, just like everyone else’s and no two pieces are alike.  Your piece to lay down is unique to you and your gifts.  Your surroundings, your circumstances, are all leading you to your divine path, to laying your piece of the puzzle down.

The Gift of Adversity

I have recognized a common denominator for laying great works down, bringing forward your specific piece, and that is adversity.  I have said it many times, and I will say it again here, struggles are the stone upon which you sharpen your soul, so give thanks to them and seek to understand what they are telling you.  There are signs everywhere for those who are ready to receive.

And there are powers that be that uphold the good and help to move life forward as it was meant to happen.  Some forces are held in the energetic fabric that makes up this beautiful universe and are unseen in terms of what we know as natural sight.  And then there are the physical beings who walk right into your life to lift and support you as you strive greatly to give birth to that which you hold within; some will only be with you for a short while and others will be your constant companions, championing you on to deliver and lay down your piece.

I have known for most of my life that I feel things deeply, so much so that I often wished this was not the case.  I wanted on so many occasions to be normal, to not be so sensitive, to not feel so deeply, but I was cursing and trying to rid myself of the very thing that is my gift –  to feel, and to feel deeply.

Plagued with delicate health, I have always had to work hard to feel good.  Doing yoga was one way I found to feel physically good all the time.  No one told me that what I was doing in practicing yoga was balancing my doshas and thereby keeping the physical constitutional make-up of my body strong and in balance.  I just knew that every time I stepped off my mat from practicing, I felt better and stronger and able to better live this life.

I didn’t know or see in the beginning that my struggle with my health was leading to my divine purpose.  My health was a catalyst for finding yoga and then finding there on my mat healing patterns of movement that both soothe and strengthen the subtle body.  My ability to feel so deeply gave me the ability to know and understand and feel pain, and with it I gained, or more appropriately stated, I received from the great council of spirit, how to move and how to be still to rid my physical body of discomfort and how to sit with the feelings that stirred through my heart and the experiences that made up my life and make sense of them.

My great sense of feeling, the one thing I wanted not to have, was the very thing that was at the base of my understanding to create Samdhaana Yoga and the principles it contains for directed movement on the mat.  I began to share these understandings with the world in the small groups of people who came to my classes and the souls who allowed me the great opportunity to share in their journey of yoga and become guides of this wonderful practice themselves.


I began to be more thankful for the sensitivities I had been given and gave gratitude for them and the ability they gave me to feel my own energy and heal it through this work; and then came the next step, which was the ability to gather the energy of others while in class and provide patterns of movements that would help and support and strengthen their bodies both physically and energetically.

All of this great sense of feeling deeply and the human experiences that I was having in my life were leading me to laying my piece of the puzzle down and that piece is Samdhaana Yoga.  It will not be the right thing for everyone or resonate with everyone, but it will support and help many, and the beautiful powers that be knew this all along and were just waiting for me to wake up and recognize it myself.

Like every single being on this earth, I am here to experience life and learn and grow from these experiences.  When I look at my life and what has happened, I can see that all of it was in preparation for what is to come next.  All of it was preparing me for reaching within and discovering my gift so that I might share it with the world.

I can’t say it has been easy or that I have bowed with gratitude for the hardships that I have had, but I know they were all things that occurred for my growth and the rising up of knowing and understanding my divine purpose and doing the work to bring it forward.

A Game Changer

So many many times I have wanted to quit, so many times I have cursed my circumstances and wanted a softer way forward.  When I would falter in this way, my life would immediately get even harder and new situations of difficulty would arise and make me want to quit even more.

When I began to recognize this pattern in my life and became conscious of it, I began to change how I met the struggles or times of adversity in my life.  I began to meet them with a more open heart, and a knowing that whatever it was, was just trying to push me forward.  I became more accepting of circumstance and began looking at it with more awareness of what was trying to poke through the hard ground and be born and have light shed upon it.

I started looking at my life experiences as my teacher and looking for the golden nuggets of truth that they were trying to reveal.  This was a game changer for me.  I woke with gratitude each morning instead of dread, I awoke saying out loud all the things I had to be grateful for and really seeing what was in front of me and all the help and support I actually had around me to deal with whatever lay at hand. It still didn’t make the experiences less to handle, but I began to handle the experiences better, with more awareness and joy of learning to move forward and the power to grow me as I was meant to grow and learn and ultimately understand.

Support, Both Earthly and Divine

With this new awareness, I recognized the ones around me who were placed through circumstance to stand with me.  That is when I recognized, I had been given a Lisa! Lisa is my best friend, my business partner, and my earthly guide in this lifetime.  She came to one of my first classes for beginners at my yoga studio.  She stepped into my life during one of the most trying and most difficult times I have ever experienced.  She saw the gift that I possessed and offered to help in any way to bring it forward.

It started with helping with handling our social media. Doing our newsletters, getting us twitter and instagram accounts, creating our monthly calendars, overseeing my schedule, and building our new website.

With her very strong resolve she began to lift me up from the rubble of what was my life and help me stand strong on my own two feet.  She believed in me, in my gift and in the work I was doing.  She selflessly gave of her time and energy to move me forward and help me lay down my piece of the puzzle.

I often tell her she should run, run as fast as you can away from me, not understanding at times how she can give so much for what seemed to me for nothing in return.  These are the times when she shares with me that helping me is part of her divine path and that what we are doing together lifts and supports and strengthens her as well.

I still feel she got the short end of the stick on this, but she assures me daily that this is not true and then she shows me, by standing valiantly beside me as I weather life’s storms while we work together toward what we both believe in.

Lisa’s energy can be likened to that of the earth, she is strong, steady and still in life.  My energy can be likened to that of the heavens and is uplifting and moving like the clouds in the sky.  Together we complement each other well.

I believe without a doubt that her walking into class was fate and part of the great and grand plan orchestrated by the master of the energetic template of life.  We hold the energy we hold and as such we attract that which we need to move forward and grow.

As you move forward in life look for and pray gratitude for the “Lisas” in your life.  They are there to help you lay your piece of the puzzle down.  Wake each day with great commitment to live your life well and align it with the divine and watch the powers that be support you, for they know and understand your worth and your purpose.  Take time to sit with self and recognize the greatness you hold and the divine plan of your birth.

Follow Your Heart

Your heart contains all the information you need for this life, so follow it and see the universe support your efforts.  I can promise you it will not be easy, but you will have a great sense of contentment from doing so.  I strongly believe that all actions taken in accordance with the heart will breed great things; as all actions taken against the heart will only lead to frustration and discord.

You were born with tremendous gifts, pay tribute and give gratitude to the great creator for them.  You were born to be a game changer and many will follow you once you step onto the platform you were meant to stand on.

And finally know this, standing in your power and aligning with the divine will always be met with equal resistance of the very strength that you hold.  You, my dear one, hold much, your struggles will be great because of that.  Understand when you meet each one, it is to build you and strengthen you for what is to come, and the effort it takes to stand and reveal what it is you were born to do.

Copyright 2017 Melody White. All rights reserved.


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