Taking Time to Sit with Self ~ the Power of the Daily Review

As a man thinks in his heart, so is he ~ Proverbs 23:7 ~

As the heart is the center of all things, the great unifier and integrator, I am not surprised to read the words written in Proverbs so long long ago.

This beautiful heart we carry contains so much, both our understandings from the past and our blueprint for this life.

When a soul is born into this world, it comes with a physical body that will be its vehicle for experiencing this life.  We must care for this physical part of us and fortify it the best way we can with food that nourishes and strengthens it and exercise and movements that keep it functioning well.

Laid within this physical body is an energetic body. Much like our physical body, it has many different systems, one of which is the chakra system.  This system is one that stores, records, transmits, attracts, and repulses other energetic fields.  As such, it is drawing in that which feeds and nourishes the soul, much like food does to our physical bodies. How we meet, handle and process those experiences (that food) determines the health of our soul. Daily reflection is necessary to view how the soul is digesting that which it is taking in and how we are processing these experiences to further our understandings of all things.

Here in this daily review or meditation, we may recognize continual patterns of behavior that we can further analyze and use as information and wisdom to either choose differently for habits that are not healthy for us or to continue with habits that are supporting us.

When there is a continual level of awareness placed upon the experiences we are having, then all of our experiences are leading us to a greater understanding of ourselves, how we view others and our surrounding world. Herein lies our power to shape and change our world.

The beauty for me in knowing this is that it has allowed me to label experiences less in terms of good or bad. Rather, they are just experiences, as all are, for our benefit if we evaluate them well and utilize them optimally for the good health of the soul.  We begin to understand that the viewing of life, of all of life, and its experiences, are within our power to lift and sustain us when given proper review.

For me, this understanding has helped me feel less helpless in circumstances and more powerful in situations. It has helped me understand how life is happening for us, and not to us, allowing much more gratitude for some of my more challenging experiences and by far, seeing greater growth from them.

If then, I can see and use all experience as a chance for forward movement, then life will flow with greater ease and greater understanding. My heart will remain unstruck with no discord, and no reason to shut down or close off, leaving my greatest source of power running at full capacity and operating at full force.

If the heart continues to renew to its unstruck status, then our energy will not be spent on things it cannot change, as we will have processed and accepted that which is before us through this process of daily review. Our hearts will remain unstained and full of love, for self and for others, until it ultimately and infinitely just holds love, the one and great continuum.

It is easy to tell how a man thinks in his heart.  It is visible in every action he takes and in every word he speaks.

A wonderful way to do a self-check of how you are processing your life experiences is to note the words that you speak and the responses that you are making in your interactions with others.

If you spew forth venom and hate towards others, it is often a good indicator that you have experiences that you have not processed for the greater good of self and are viewing the past through unhealed wounds that you have allowed to fester. The relationships in your life will be a sounding board for all your unprocessed pain and the person in front of you will become your punching bag to act out that pain.

If your words and actions towards others are kind and compassionate, then it is a good sign that you are processing your life experiences well, moving forward with new understandings, and not harboring ill will that would ultimately restrict the energy of the heart and cause you to build walls and create emotional response triggers.

As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.  Think love, act and speak in love, and the world around you becomes love, a pure free flowing energy that supports all life.

Copyright 2018 Melody White. All Rights Reserved.



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