This blog kicks off my year-long campaign of Learning to Live with Your Heart Wide Open.

The Heart is the most resilient of all things on earth.  It can be broken a million times over and repair itself a million times over because it houses the most powerful energy in all the world – love. Pain is a hard thing to sit with, and pain of the heart, the most brutal.  To stay open through pain requires a mighty warrior, one who will allow love to stay in place and not close off the heart for protection.

When we learn to live with our hearts wide open, to respond from love instead of react from fear, we not only put our a higher vibration in the world, we hold that vibration within us and the world gives back to us what we give out.

If we want more love, more kindness, more compassion, more things to be grateful for, if we hope to be forgiven, then we must act or respond to all things from a place of love.

– Melody White