Sacred Space

heart shaped cave

I am finding that space is a requirement for all good things to come forward.  It is an essential part of all things and all growth.

An infant learning to walk requires space from the coffee table to your arms to take her first steps.  Learning to ride a bike requires space to ride without anyone holding onto the back of the bike.  A seedling requires the space of planting and more space to grow and expand and eventually bloom.

The world we live in evolved from space, regardless of who or what we believe to be the creator of the beautiful space we occupy; space is an undeniable factor of our existence.

Our earliest ancestors looked up into space to begin to define their world.  Seeing the sun, they called this space “day,” seeing the moon, they called this space “night.”  Daytime became the space in which we worked and performed the necessary things in order to live. Nighttime became the time to rest from this activity and spend time with others who are significant to us, often utilized as space for enjoyment.

Our beautiful souls are no different, they require space to learn and grow from experiences.  I have both witnessed and experienced this rhythmic flow that comes from taking part in and taking rest from.  I believe it is why there is a space requirement for grieving, from a life enjoyed with someone to a life without them. Space provides the necessary healing agent to recover emotionally.  And grief is not always experienced by the death of someone but can and may be experienced by the death of something, a relationship, a career end; any ending can fuel the energy of grief.  It is true that all experiences of life that come to an end.  A life lived with parents comes to an end and we set a new space for ourselves to experience life without them. At the same time, parents are learning to live in a space without their child there. Oh, the rhythm of life, it is our constant, and space is where it takes place.

Recognizing this aspect of space, and with great awareness, creating our own circle of space necessary for any transition, is vital to our spiritual self.  It is here in this circle of space that we grow and expand if we choose to do so.  It is always a choice.  Once the growth and/or healing (which I believe to be one and the same) takes place, we may widen our circle to embrace more.

The more able we are to be aware of this space, the more sacred it becomes as it fills with conscious living made by conscious choices.   Who and what you allow into your circle is directly related to the amount of space taken to grow and expand; with more understanding you will be able to house more spiritually.  Your perspective, your personal lens, will widen and be able to hold many viewpoints, many ways of both doing and seeing.

This growth and expansion comes from a reconciled heart, one that has processed an experience to the point of no two things striking within it any longer.  A heart that has brought itself back to balance and resides in equilibrium.

Equilibrium is the resounding vibration of love.  Love is the greatest living force we can house and is done so by our own creation of events, things, and experiences, and provides the greatest type of energy we can experience.

Be mindful of the sacred space you create for the processing of these events, things and experiences, in order for your circle to continue to widen until one day it houses all.

This, I believe, is the evolving spirit of mankind, to one day house all understandings; until one day we stand with no two things striking, and the heart is whole and the world we know, the one we have been so blessed to take part in, is at rest and resides in peace.

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The Stories We Tell Ourselves

“The stories you tell over and over shape you and your world in profound ways. If you are living a story that brings you pain, pay attention to your words – be aware of the ways in which you tell and re-tell this story. Then, stop telling it, craft a different story, one that you adore!” ~ unknown

We are all made up of numerous experiences, some good, and some not so good.  Some of the not-so-good can leave a mark on us energetically and become defining moments which color the rest of our lives.

I had an experience at a young age that caused me to be cut off from my grounding wire, and because of that, I sort of floated through life with little ability to ever place my feet on the ground. I spent the first 45 years of my life unaware that I had come undone, untethered to this world.  Without my children to care for, I probably would have left this life a long time ago.  Fortunately for me, they were my mainstay.

Years of wanting to know why I only felt my body from the heart up, why sitting was so difficult, and why I had to wear boots all the time so I could feel my legs, became clearer to me as I worked hard to understand my disconnection.

Through years of study, mostly in the energetic realm of the subtle body, I found answers that explained my detachment to this world, and eventually explained many of the experiences I had drawn to me after the original trauma and how holding that experience in my energy field was causing repeated patterns of behavior.  Once I became aware, I began to talk about it, sharing my experiences with others so that energy could become known by vocalization, to speak it and eventually express it out of myself.

I expressed and expressed, until one day I couldn’t.

One Story Ends, Another Begins

I was standing at the whiteboard in my studio sharing aspects about the Chakra System, specifically the root chakra, and I started to tell the same story I have been telling for years.

I was speaking about the function of the root chakra, and its beautiful purpose of providing us with a grounding wire, the cord that allows for our beings to take on experiences without losing our footing. But this time I couldn’t tell the story, I couldn’t repeat it. The story was done, I felt it fall away, I felt it die from me, leaving me fresh and feeling like an energetic newborn.

And I became consciously aware of this rebirth and renewal, and as this awareness unfolded I knew I had finally processed this experience fully and it had served its purpose and it was done.  It was done because I had done the work of identifying it and seeing all the habitual patterns I had taken on because of it and all the experiences I had drawn to me because of this held energy, the same energy that had wreaked havoc on my physical body with one diagnosis after another of chronic illnesses.

It was gone.  Poof!  No more!

From that very moment of awareness, my life began to shift and new teachers who I needed to direct me came forward, guiding me towards new understandings, ones that would help me stand firmly in my own power, and move me to the next place and space for my new experience and understandings.

Life is nothing more than one experiencing leading to another.  We are all here to learn and as physical beings we do so through this process we call life.  Take it personally only to the point that serves higher understanding, the growth of your heart and a newfound compassion towards mankind.

I can’t overstate the power of the words we speak, and how important it is to pay attention to them. Recognize and note what they are telling you.  Learn and examine the sections of your life that have seemingly defined your experiences and what you have drawn to you because of them.  This is not an easy process and it takes a lot of alone time, sitting with self and hearing the director of spirit, to digest them, bear witness to them, and eventually let go of them.

Let go and let God.

As you spend time with self you will come to know all that has filled up the hollow spaces of your subtle body.  All the emotional pain you have experienced is held there until you recognize it, literally express it through speech, and offer forgiveness to self and to any who may have contributed to this pain. Release any and all negative thinking concerning this experience and free yourself from this energy.

Then place your newfound freedom in the support of this wonderful dynamic God-created universe and let your new teachers and new stories come. Shed the weight of old experiences, let them live in the past and no longer tie you to a pattern of behavior.  Note your new birthday and celebrate your freedom.

Copyright 2018 Melody White. All Rights Reserved