A Dream is Your Creative Vision


Learning to live with your heart wide open means being willing to bare all and go after your dreams; to quiet the voice of naysayers and nonbelievers, and to move on with your divine purpose held strongly in your heart just waiting for you to bring it to life.  Be assured that the road will be rocky, and strewn with obstacles difficult to pass, but know that it is meant to sharpen you and to prepare you for what is to come.

“A dream is your creative vision for your life in the future.  You must break out of your current comfort zone and become comfortable with the unfamiliar and the unknown.” ~ Dennis Waitley

The familiar grounds us, connects us, and is needed.  It’s like the entry into “Cheers,” where everyone knows your name.  It gives us the feeling of home and provides us a sense of security.  It is a most comfortable space.

The unfamiliar expands us, give us new perspectives, and allows diversity to reside within. It challenges us to step into the unknown and place our toe on the tightrope and find our balance in new territory. Here is the place where “butterflies” exist, and the life force that courses through us is most felt. It is here that new growth takes place and the cultivation of the soul continues.

The yoga practice offers us a simulation of this type of balance between stability and growth.

When I come to my mat, I find myself moving through the poses that are most familiar to me, and through flows that I have come to know as second nature. Into pratyahara I sink, and the sense of self and knowing step from the shadows, and I am at home. My breathing guides me to this place and my being is strengthened.  Then comes the time, and even the need, to move into something new, something not yet experienced. If connected to the breath (spirit), I am carried through and across to the other side.  And what was once completely unknown is, at the very least, less frightening, perhaps obtainable and even enjoyable.

Unsure if it is the actual unknown that provides the stronger beat of the heart, or the mere fact that I was willing to step into new space, I leave my mat feeling more alive, more ready and prepared for new experiences, and more directed with spirit as my guide.

All things feel possible in this state, and my dreams reachable. My batteries are charged, and my light is burning bright, the burning desire I carry, the flame that I hold within is ready to be seen.

Now go light it up people, the world is waiting for you!

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